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A Basic Guide to Maintaining Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have offered plenty of women worldwide a convenient way to change their appearance without making a permanent decision. If you own good-quality hair extensions, you know the benefits they can provide, especially when you want to look different every day.

It’s commonly thought that hair extensions are for short-haired individuals wishing for longer locks. While this is still true, these implements are becoming more popular for everybody for several reasons. People with fine or thin hair purchase extensions to achieve a thicker mane, while some just want to change their look the way they’d vary their makeup!

After some time, hair extensions can start to depreciate because they go through a period of wear and tear due to the countless times you use them. But it’s safe to say that you can extend the lifespan of your natural hair extensions the moment you get them from the store.

Whatever your reason may be for getting them, looking after your hair extensions is a must! Whether you’re new to the idea or are getting them done for the first time, it’s always good to refresh your memory on how to look after your hair extensions. Doing so will keep the extensions looking better for longer periods!

Keep reading below to find out how to maintain hair extensions properly:

The lifespan of hair extensions

Before we first look at how to care for extensions, a question we’re commonly asked is ‘how long do they last?’

Our hair extensions can last for years, depending on how often they are used and cared for. Washing and wearing hair extensions regularly will shorten their lifespan, so try to do these sparingly.

Knowing how to care for your extensions is essential so you can keep using them for years to come. You want to ensure that your hair extensions remain soft and luscious, whether they’re temporary clip-in extensions or permanent weaves.

Cleaning hair extensions

Hair extensions don’t have a supply of natural oils coming from a person’s scalp. To remedy that, treating them with hair products that can substitute for the nourishment provided by the scalp should keep them in good condition.

While you might shampoo your hair vigorously in the shower, the same treatment cannot be afforded to your extensions. Remember that they have gone through the processing of colouring and sanitising before being purchased, so you must handle them with care to ensure that they last as long as you’d expect. Be gentle when applying shampoo and conditioner, and soak your clip-ins in shampooed water before rinsing them thoroughly.

Wash Your Hair Only When Necessary

Your clip-in extensions are different from your natural hair, so it’s essential to control the number of times you wash them. When you overdo it, you can remove the natural oils on your extensions, making them look dull and dry. Overwashing can also strip your hair of moisture, causing breakage and split ends, eliminating the look of smooth hair extensions.

You should use a gentle shampoo and conditioner to wash your extensions, especially when you’ve previously applied hairspray or other hair products.

Reduce Your Water Temperature

While hair protection products are vital when styling, heat-damaged hair can often start in the shower. If your shower regularly creeps up to near-scalding temperatures, you’re not doing any favours for your hair (or skin, for that matter). You can end up stripping your hair of essential oils, leaving it looking dry and dulled. Opting for lukewarm water is much better for limiting heat damage on your tresses, while a blast of cold water can give your hair a healthy shine.

Cleanse & Condition Correctly

When you wash your hair, make sure you’re using the right techniques. Rather than lather down the length of your hair, shampoo should be concentrated on the roots to help cleanse away oil build-up while avoiding breakage at the ends. In contrast, conditioners should typically be focused from the mid-length to your ends to avoid weighing down your hair and contributing to greasy roots.

Deep Condition

Heat-damaged hair crying out for moisture? Alongside regular conditioner, a deep conditioning treatment can work wonders in repairing damaged hair and hair extensions.

Keep Your Extensions Dry

Remember that moisture is the enemy of hair extensions. If you leave your hair wet for too long, it will make the adhesive in your hair extensions more susceptible to failing, which is why you must dry your hair after washing it.

You should never sleep with wet hair extensions, whether you keep them in or put them away. If you blow dry your hair before bed, try to use straighteners for styling the next day as this can limit the required heat you have to apply.

Even if you want to remove your hair extensions, you shouldn’t purposely leave your hair wet to remove them. Your extensions may partially fall off if they are wet, leaving you with a mess that will be very difficult to fix.

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