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How To Keep Your Hair Looking Great

Extension Care: We answer all your questions on maintaining hair extensions and how to keep your hair looking great!
Does it take a lot longer to wash hair with extensions?

Washing your hair with extensions isn’t very different to caring for your own hair and doesn’t take much more time!


Should I wash my hair more now that I have hair extensions?

You can wash your hair as normal and stick to your usual routine. Our main focus is on making sure you use a shampoo that cleanses your root area well and doesn’t leave a build-up of product or too much moisture at the root. When washing you should always properly rinse your hair thoroughly to avoid any build up.

Make sure to wash your hair thoroughly don’t be afraid to touch the connections, make sure to massage in a downwards motion and ensure to use a salon quality shampoo.

Hair extensions can take a little longer to dry than just your natural hair. It’s typical that clients end up washing their hair fewer times each week and spend less time on their hair as once heat styled hair extensions will hold that style for 3 days easily.

Is there a certain technique to washing hair extensions?

There are a few tips to consider when washing your hair extensions. Make sure to massage and lather shampoo only where there are no connections. Change your action when you come to cleaning the connections.

Use a downward motion to encourage the shampoo/water to rinse over the hair extensions. Make sure to rinse twice as usual to ensure all your hair is free from shampoo especially around the ears where shampoo can get clogged.

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